New Look Astonish

You may have noticed that there have been some big changes here at Astonish HQ. We’ve been very busy sprucing up our range of products and giving ourselves a BIG makeover!

Back in 2013, we celebrated 40 years in the making (we know we don’t look old enough!) and so thought that it was about time that we invigorated ourselves. We felt like we needed a bit more sparkle, so we decided to give ourselves a dusting off and have updated our look.

But be reassured, it’s just a new look but the same great products! Our range of products still offer the same astonishing results and great value that we know you have all come to know and love! Although you may want to look out for some fantastic new scents – Wit-woo!

Our products are still approved by Cruelty Free International and the Vegetarian Society, as well as being Vegan Society registered, after all these values will forever stay close to our hearts.

Over the four decades that we have been around, we have positioned ourselves as being the ‘pinnacle of cleaning’, so we wanted to make this a permanent fixture on our bottles. You’ll now see this feature on all our trigger sprays, along with our logo which sits at the very heart of our products.

We’ve also changed the shape of our sprays and have slipped into some new prism shaped bottles. We’re proud to say that we are the first of our kind to relaunch our range of trigger sprays into fancy shrink sleeve packaging. Check us out, eh!

During the 40 years that we have been around, we have achieved a great deal of success not just in the UK, but internationally too. We’re ambitious though and understood that in order for us to grow even bigger and better, we needed to invest in Astonish. And boy have we done just that.

We’ve started off by just transforming our brand and packaging, but that’s not to say that there will not be further changes further down the line. All we’re saying is watch this space!

Whilst available in a numerous retailer nationwide, you’ll find our biggest range of products in The Range, B&M, Home Bargains, Poundland, Savers, Staples, JTF and Ocado.

We hope you’ll like our new look and feel just as much as we do. We’d love to hear what you think, please feel free to leave us a comment.

As ever, happy cleaning!