Muddy Walks Minus The Mucky Floors

As we near the end of January, the summer months can seem a whole world away, but when we do get the odd, cold and bright winter’s day there’s no better way to spend it than exploring the great outdoors with all the family.

Not only is it perfect for beating those January blues and giving yourself a welcome boost of Vitamin D, you’ll also be able to spend quality time with loved ones and make some long lasting memories.

But with winter comes mud and lots of it! On heading outside, there’s no doubt that the younger members of the family will steer towards the biggest, dirtiest and muddiest puddle they can find as soon as they step out of the door. Everyone including the grown-ups and the family dog, will end up joining in the fun too.

A great afternoon had by all, except for the recipient of those muddy boots – usually your kitchen, hall and living room floors!

Here at Astonish, help is on hand in the form of our Carpet and Upholstery Spot Stain Remover, which will help to loosen and lift away that pesky mud brought in on your shoes and boots, whilst caring for your carpets and upholstery. The powerful stain remover has a deep cleaning action and will neutralise unpleasant odours so you can bring in the fresh scent of the great outdoors.

For a deeper clean you could turn your attention to our Vac Maxx Machine Carpet Shampoo. It will help you to banish muddy footprints from large carpeted areas with the aid of a carpet cleaning machine. Just like the Carpet and Upholstery Spray it will go through fibres to loosen and lift away tough dirt and stains, so you can say so long to mucky carpets.

It also neutralises odours to leave a fresh, clean scent and is Wool Safe Approved, making it suitable for wool and synthetic carpets.

What’s more both products are specially formulated so that no tackiness is left after stains are visibly removed and they also help to prevent pigments reappearing in the future.

If it’s a wooden floor you have, our Jasmine and Wild Berry Wood Floor Cleaner will remove the outdoor mud and dirt. Quick and easy, it will leave your floor restored to its natural beauty and as it features a protective layer, floors will be protected from further staining.

You can also purchase our Floor Cleaner in two other great scented varieties including; Orchard Blossom and Cotton Breeze

As with all our products at Astonish, they are not tested on animals and approved by Cruelty Free International as well as being certified by the Vegan Society.

If you are looking to tackle your carpets to remove muddy footprints and paw prints too, make sure you follow our top tips.

  1. Forget everything you know about stain removal! We’re always told to tackle stains right away, however if you let mud dry before your remove it, you’ll prevent spreading the stain.
  2. Once the mud is completely dry, start the process by gently brushing and vacuuming the muddy area to lift and loosen soil particles. Don’t rush this stage – use a hose attachment to slowly move around the stain and pick up as much dirt as possible.
  3. Some bits of soil will stick to the fibres of your carpet after vacuuming, so scrape away the mud by loosening it with a spoon, but be careful not to cause any damage. Once you’ve loosened the dirt, vacuum again and continue this process until all of the dried mud has been removed.
  4. Finally, remove any residual staining with one of our carpet cleaners to give you a floor that’s as good as new!

So, this month head into the outdoors, find the muddiest puddle and splash around all you like in the knowledge that any dirt brought home with you will be quickly and easily removed with a helping hand from Astonish.

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