Power Clean Toilet Bowl Tabs (8 Pack)

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SKU : C2184

SKU : C2184

We’ve developed our Power Clean Toilet Bowl Tabs to do the hard work for you. Simply drop into the bowl and leave the foaming action to work deep into the U-bend removing limescale, calcium and rust with ease. If only cleaning the whole bathroom was as easy.


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£2.49 / Unit
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Power Clean Toilet Bowl Tabs (8 Pack)

9 reviews for Power Clean Toilet Bowl Tabs (8 Pack)

  1. Annette

    I love these little treasures. I just drop one into the toilet bowl before bed and in the morning I have a beautifully clean and fresh toilet. They seem to get rid of grime and limescale without much trouble.

  2. Louisa

    When you move into a new home and the toilets are FULL of limescale, this clean freak totally freaked out! I found these products in my local range, but I’ve been using astonish products for over year since finding them on social media. These tabs made the limescale completely vanish within weeks and I couldn’t be without them now, my toilet feels cleaner and less germy because I still use them every time I clean. If you’re considering buying this product – DONT HESITIATE

  3. Grace Casey

    When I moved into my house recently the toilet wasn’t in the best state and there was some rust build up. I tried bleach and other toilet cleaning products but I couldn’t get rid of it. My mother recommended this to me and Mother’s know best! I tried it and wow, I left over night and in the morning the rust was gone…completely!! Thank you so much astonish!

  4. M E Robson



    Love dropping these in the WC and watching them fizz
    Cleans very well

  6. Katie Morgan

    Moved into a new house with 3 bathrooms – all with awful dirty toilet bowls. This was the only thing that effortlessly shifted all the scum with no elbow grease required! Would highly recommend!

  7. Antonia Symes

    Absolutely fantastic product heightened by the fact there is NO ANIMAL TESTING it is lovely to know that every product one may use from Astonish one can feel guilt free knowing that not ONE Animals has suffered for the sake of a cleaning product!

  8. Deeanne Spooner

    I use these once a week in each toilet.
    Leave it very sparkly and clean.

  9. Paula Nash

    Great product does exactly what it says on the box definitely recommend to anyone

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Full Description
  • Designed to give your toilet a deep clean, removing staining and limescale below the waterline. Targeting those places bleach alone can’t reach
  • Watch the foaming action start to  work deep into the U-bend
  • In handy individually wrapped tablet format making them quick and easy to use
  • Sets to work in just 20 minutes or leave overnight for extra stained basins before flushing
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Excellent product

Great product does exactly what it says on the box definitely recommend to anyone

Paula Nash

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Astonish Toilet Bowl Cleaner


M E Robson, North East England

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Excellent product

Great product does exactly what it says on the box definitely recommend to anyone

Paula Nash

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How to use

Directions for use: Remove tablet from wrapper and place into the toilet bowl. Leave for 20 minutes. Brush and flush. For heavily soiled toilet bowls use one or two tablets, leave overnight then brush and flush.

CAUTION: Must only be used in the toilet bowl. Avoid contact with acid sensitive surfaces. Always wash hands after use. Never mix or use with any other chemicals. Do not allow the product to come into contact with chlorine bleach. In case of accidents, rinse with large quantities of water.