Vac Maxx Machine Carpet Shampoo (1L)

SKU : C6150


Vac Maxx can be used with all major carpet cleaning machines and carpet types including wool and synthetics. Ideal for cleaning large carpeted areas, it will lift stains whilst neutralising unpleasant odours. Make sure you start in the far corner of the room to avoid unwanted foot prints. We’re full of good ideas!

From: £3.00/unit

£3.00 / Unit
£36.00 / Case of 12

Vac Maxx Machine Carpet Shampoo (1L)


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Full Description
  • For use with most major carpet cleaning machines
  • Powerful cleaning action loosens and lifts away dirt, neutralising unpleasant odours
  • Super concentrated, dilute to use
How to use

Remove excess soiling before use. Dilute 1 part Astonish Vac Maxx Machine Carpet Shampoo to 10 parts cold or warm water (one capful per 300ml of water). Add to your carpet machine and use as directed by the manufacturer. Vacuum clean the carpet when dry.

Caution: Not for use with steam cleaners. Test colour fastness of carpet with diluted product in a small inconspicuous area before use.