Premium Edition Antibacterial Surface Cleanser (750ml)

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SKU : C6700C

The Astonish Premium Edition range has been developed for specialist cleaning tasks and surfaces. The range contains our best performing products yet, look for the added benefits in the roundel on pack*

Our Antibacterial Cleanser makes sure your surfaces are not just clean but hygienically clean. Good enough to eat your dinner off some might say.
Use all around the home and leave for 5 minutes for complete disinfection before wiping off.

*Verses our everyday Antibacterial Cleanser: +40% increase in detergent level + 20% higher active substance to improve disinfectant.

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Premium Edition Antibacterial Surface Cleanser (750ml)


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Full Description
  • For hygienically clean surfaces, kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Effective against e-coli, salmonella & listeria
  • With no bleach, no taint and no odour, the product is suitable for use on food preparation areas
  • Also ideal for use in fridges, on high chairs, bins and toilets
  • For complete disinfection leave for 5 minutes before wiping clean
  • Complies with EN13697:2001 standard chemical disinfection
  • Fully Recyclable bottle, cruelty free, vegan, biodegradable
How to use

Remove visible soiling. Spray surface and leave.
Wipe with a clean damp cloth.
CAUTION: For non-porous hard surfaces. Allow food preparation surfaces to
dry before use. Do not use directly on food or for sterilisation of baby utensils.
Wash hands after use. For surface disinfection allow 5 minutes contact time.